9 Truths

Miracles happen, so why not you?

Blake's 9 Truths About Life

What made Blake so unique is his calming influence and ability to connect people. He sought purpose in every life decision he made and had an amazing outlook on life.  Being around Blake truly brought out the best in everyone.

Photo of Blake and friend


Everybody dies, sometimes suddenly. Make the most of whatever time you have left. Knowing you may die can be a blessing if you let it. It will change your perspective and that can change your life for the better.

Photo that Blake took of the moon and landscape


If a doctor’s prognosis puts a shot clock on your time on earth, fuck that, they aren’t psychic, omnipotent or god-like in predicting your future.

Photo of Blake Pottle


Believe you can get better. For every type of cancer, there are people who beat the odds no matter how long or unlikely.
Miracles happen so why not you?

Photo of Blake and his sister, Jacqueline


Love more, both give more love and be more willing to receive love.

Photo of Blake's beloved husky


If you get a second chance, make the most of it by making positive changes in your life. Start making those changes as soon as possible and don’t forget to pay it back or forward.

Photo of Blake and family in the woods


When it comes to your will to live. Yes, live for yourself, but more importantly, live for others.

Photo of Blake and friends


Do whatever you have to do to get over your fear of death. Living in fear is no way to live. There are so many things mankind still doesn’t understand, and I believe dying isn’t the end of our journey.

Photo of Blake and family


Life is supposed to be hard, and things could always be worse. So be grateful for every day and the good things in your life.

Photo of Blake in a boat on the water


Never stop fighting, there is a cure…you just need to find it.