Blake Pottle

Blake was an adventure seeker.  He traveled the world, loved his family and friends, and was fiercely competitive, largely contributing to his love of sports. He lived his life with intention and always put action behind his words.

Photo of Blake Pottle

He valued human connection

He valued human connection, and preferred a deep conversation over commenting on someone’s social media. He loved nature, and became an avid hiker and owner of a mischievous husky.  Blake was incredibly smart and insightful with a wicked sense of humor that everyone cherished.

What made Blake so unique is his calming influence and ability to connect people.

He sought purpose in every life decision he made and had an amazing outlook on life.  Being around Blake truly brought out the best in everyone.

Blake was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colorectal cancer at the age of 38. He fought in the same way he lived his life, with intention and relentless hope and faith. Complaints were rare, his sense of humor was vibrant and his optimism rarely waned. Although Blake did not find a medical cure here on earth, we believe he found the answers and the clarity he needed.  His life and his battle with cancer inspired so many around him and through his search for purpose, we have found ours.