The power of a strong culture and employee engagement

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Bain Capital and Slalom Consulting
September 6, 2022

It’s a rare story to hear of mutual employer and employee commitment.

The concept was once called company 'loyalty,' but by the Gen Xers, it was thought to have long been put out to pasture. However, the case of Blake and Slalom shows mutual loyalty can still exist, and so does the power of a strong culture and employee engagement.

Blake enjoyed his job and the time he spent with Slalom for 8 years. He was engaged, did great work, and had the right balance of flexibility, productivity, and purpose. Slalom was a great place to work.

"Company values are so important and we try to assess for those in our supplier selection process. We’re proud to work with Slalom Consulting and admire the aspects of their culture that showed through in their support for Blake and his family."

-Meghan Truchan, Head of Procurement at Bain Capital, and one of Blake’s closest friends.

When Blake was diagnosed with cancer, Slalom’s expression of support was admirable. They sent him gifts, including a beautiful magnolia tree, checked in on him regularly, and never pressured him to take on more than he was able. When Blake passed, Slalom pivoted their support to Blake’s family. They planned a Slalom specific celebration of life, and presented the family with a swinging cedar bench, engraved with his name.

Their support was something unexpected of an employer. Blake deserved that. They deserved each other.

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